Admissions Process for Prospective Students

General FAQ

Admissions Process for Prospective Students

General FAQ

List of 9 frequently asked questions.

    What makes an Aquinas education so special?

    Since 1902, Aquinas has offered an outstanding Catholic school education while instilling morals and values in a safe, nurturing environment. Through the years education and technology have changed and thanks to our generous alumni, Aquinas has been able to keep up with the changes and technology to ensure the college preparatory environment that sends 99% of our graduates on to higher education each year. Over 20,000 young men and women have benefited greatly from an Aquinas education.

  • What is the tuition for the 2024-2025 academic year?

    The tuition for the 2024-2025 academic year is $9,210 for 6th grade, $9,580 for grades 7 & 8, $12,685 for grades 9-11, and $12,925 for grade 12. When students register, a registration fee of $200 is paid to secure a place in their class.

  • How can our family afford an Aquinas education?

    We believe an Aquinas education is an investment in your child's future. We also understand the sacrifice that many families make and we want to help. Aquinas' financial assistance program is the most generous of all the Catholic High Schools in the Rochester area. Approximately 60% of the student population receives some type of scholarship or financial aid. Besides the numerous scholarships and financial assistance available, Aquinas also offers a variety of payment plans through FACTS. Learn more.
  • How does the financial aid program work at Aquinas?

    Aquinas now uses FACTS Management for financial aid. Learn more.
  • Are all students required to take AP courses at Aquinas?

    From the moment a student applies to Aquinas, we take great care to ensure that that student is placed in the proper classes that suit his / her academic ability. If a student is of higher academic ability, we can challenge that student for four years with our honors and Advanced Placement programs. If a student has academic difficulties in certain areas, we have in place the necessary assistance to help that student succeed. It is this unique learning environment that allows Aquinas to make average students good, good students excellent, and excellent students extraordinary!
  • What are the hours for a normal school day at Aquinas?

    Students must be in homeroom at 8:00 a.m. and school is dismissed at 2:44 p.m.
  • How does bus transportation work at Aquinas?

    State law requires school districts that are within 15 miles of Aquinas must provide transportation to students from their district. Transportation forms are available on your home district websites. A transportation form must be filled out each year and submitted to the home district by April 1 to secure transportation for the following year.
  • What are the graduation requirements at Aquinas?

    Aquinas requires all students to take 7 units of credit, plus Physical Education, each year. In order to qualify for promotion, a student must pass a minimum of 6.5 units of credit including required courses (non-elective courses) and Physical Education. Students are not permitted to repeat, at Aquinas, any courses they have previously failed. All courses taken at Aquinas are part of the permanent record. Additional details can be found in the Course of Studies.

  • Since Aquinas only holds one Open House, what can I do if I miss it?

    Contact (585) 254-2020, Ext. 1081 or email to set up an appointment and take a tour of the school.
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